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Cruise lines are categorized into 6 categories, Popular, Moderate, Deluxe, Casual Luxury, Luxury, and Ultra-luxury. Although, some cruise lines overlap multiple categories, the characteristics of each category varies based on age, cruise experience, activities, costs, and other factors.


Popular-oriented cruise lines

These cruise lines tend to attract a high volume of First-time cruisers who are interested in trying something different. The low advertised cruise fare, the destination of the ships, and the cruise line name identification are the primary decision-making factors to go on a cruise. These ships sail with the most diverse clientele - singles, couples, young families, honeymooners, and grandparents who are young at heart.

The activities on popular-oriented cruise lines are always nonstop, for adults as well as the children's activities. Due to the young and active cruisers onboard, the activities are active participation type. They center around the swimming pool, and open decks on the ship.

Cruise Line
Price Per Day
Carnival Cruise Line Poolside contests, games, and activities; lively disco
$ 94 - 328


Moderate cruise lines

Similar to Popular-oriented cruise lines, these cruises attract many First-time cruisers for the same reasons, but these First-timers tend to select the ship based on recommendations from relatives, and friends. You will find an abundance of singles, couples, families, honeymooners, and some retirees. The repeat cruisers tend to cruise every 2-3 years, they are active, and since they have experienced the on board ambiance of a cruise, they want a few more 'onboard amenities' such as a more sophisticated atmosphere, and more activities.

Cruise Line
Price Per Day
Costa Cruises Italian-themed cruise experience with Italian cuisine, language, cooking, pizza tossing lessons & contests, Toga Parties, etc.
$ 103 - 295
Norwegian Cruise Line Freestyle Cruising, relaxed atmosphere, rockclimbing wall, bowling alley
$ 128 - 235
Royal Caribbean Active recreational activities - ice skating, rock climbing wall, surfing, carnivale-type parade
$ 136 - 438


Deluxe cruise lines

This is primarily a couples-oriented cruise market. Compared to Popular and Moderate categories, where the cruisers tend to be young families, and singles, their are far fewer singles, and families on these sailings. I sailed on a Moderate cruise line in which their were 197 children on board, and during the same period of time, their were 7 children sailing on a Deluxe cruise line.

The activities on Deluxe cruise lines includes the 'active participation' activities commonly found on Popular and Moderate cruiselines, and the 'intellectual' activities commonly found on Luxury cruise lines. An equal balance between 'participation' activities, and 'being entertained' is more prevalent on Deluxe cruises than Popular & Moderate cruises.

In addition to sailing in the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii, Deluxe cruise lines tend to cruise to worldwide destinations such as South America, Asia, Mediterranean, South Pacific, and sometimes, Africa. These cruisers want to explore the world!

Cruise Line
Price Per Day
Celebrity Cruise Balance between Participant & Non-participant activities; elegance
$ 145 - 330
Disney Cruise Line Children & Family Activities at a Deluxe Rate
$ 180 - 349
Holland America Known for gracious and attentive service; Guests are entertained; Multi-generational families.
$ 169 - 281
MSC Cruises Italian/European style cruise.
$ 132 - 275
Princess Cruises Relaxing, Quality service, Entertainment; North American cruise with a touch of Italian elegance
$ 152 - 351


Casual Luxury cruise lines

You will find an abundance of Professionals (Medical, Legal, Finance, Engineers), and retirees. Although, the ages, and the degree of physical activity of the cruisers among these cruise lines varies, the cruisers do contain a unique similarity, they know how to entertain themselves. Although, these cruise lines sail to popular destinations in North America, they primarily sail to exotic destinations such as South America, Asia, Mediterranean, South Pacific, and Africa.

Cruise Line
Price Per Day
Azamara Club Cruises Casual country-club atmosphere, worldwide exotic ports of call, Gratuities included in the cruise ticket.
$ 250 - 372
Oceania Cruises Casual country-club atmosphere, worldwide exotic ports of call
$ 250 - 372
Windstar Cruises Casual atmosphere with watersports & participant/ Active Activities
$ 250 - 372
Paul Gauguin Cruises All-inclusive Casual atmosphere with watersports & participant/ Active Activities
$ 300 - 400


Luxury cruise lines

Luxury cruise lines are characterized by superior service (very high crew to passenger ratio), 'learning-type' activities, larger staterooms, no crowds or lines, more formal dress code, a more relaxed atmosphere, and higher price per day fares. Even with their similarities, the cruise lines differ regarding the activities, atmosphere, and entertainment offered based on the size of the ship. The large ships offer the variety of activities and entertainment commonly found on virtually any large ship. The yacht-size ships are more intimate, and are better designed for water-activities, and easier access to smaller ports of call.

Cruise Line
Price Per Day
Crystal Cruises Informal and Formal Ambiance; Large ship that is the recipient of many of the travel industry’s highest awards, including "World's Best Large-Ship Cruise Line"
$ 228 - 697
Cunard Line Formal Ambiance; More traditional cruise experience; offers regularly scheduled Transatlantic service.
$ 181 - 513


Ultra-luxury cruise lines

Ultra-luxury cruise lines possess the same characteristics as Luxury cruise lines, plus a step beyond.

Cruise Line
Price Per Day
Regent Seven Seas Cruises All-inclusive, yacht-like intimacy; selected shore excursions included; 330-700 Passengers.
$ 315 - 924
Seabourn Cruise Line All-inclusive, yacht-like intimacy; marina on the aft of the ships offer various watersports activities, 208-450 Passengers.
$ 305 - 904
Seadream Yacht Club All-inclusive, yacht-like intimacy; marina on the aft of the ships offer various watersports activities; 110 Passengers.
$ 310 - 918
Silversea Cruises All-inclusive, yacht-like intimacy, selected shore excursions included; 132-540 Passengers.
$ 308 - 912



Lastly, let's look at the destinations.

Price Per Day
Mexican Riviera Watersports, Beaches
$ 107
Caribbean, Eastern Shopping, Swimming, Sunning; Relaxation
$ 114
Caribbean, Western Diving, Snorkeling, water sports
$ 118
Caribbean, Southern Cultural, Water sports, Diving, Active
$ 124
Bermuda Golf, Shopping, Relaxation
$ 128
Alaska (May - Sept only) Nature, Sight-seeing
$ 143
Panama Canal Historic, Pacific & Caribbean Beaches, Relaxing
$ 157
Australia/New Zealand Sight-seeing
$ 192
Orient/Asia Cultural, Shopping
$ 193
Canada/New England Historic, Relaxing
$ 199
South America Cultural
$ 221
South Pacific Water sports, Diving, Snorkeling, Sunning
$ 230
Mediterranean Historic, Sight-seeing, Shopping
$ 237


Since you will be one of 100 - 3,000+ passengers on a ship for the duration of your cruise, selecting a cruise that matches your Lifestyle/Interest improves the value (satisfaction) that you will attain from your Unique Cruise Experience.


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